Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Little veins and blue eyes

Her personality is blooming before our eyes. Vivian.  

We are enjoying getting to know her. Who she is. 

Her, when all the sisters aren't around. Just her. Not that that happens very often, but when it does...a trip to the grocery, a morning before the others wake up....it's such a treat to spend time one on one with her. 

She is officially two. Although she turned two months ago, she is embracing what that means. Inquisitive. Tender. Quiet. Sweet. Happy to follow the older sisters but asking a lot of questions along the way. She loves touch, hugs, rubs, kisses and to be held. If anyone raises their voice at her, immediately she reacts with wet eyes, tears ready to fall over the edge. She's quick to forgive. Easy to delight in. She's the tannest of the girls by a long shot. I guess she's got Brian's skin. And I think her eyes are the bluest too. She's incredibly gentle. 

She's trusting. She makes friends easily. She doesn't mind being held by children or sisters that are only a bit older than her. She likes women and shy's away from men, except the biggest one I know, her Daddy. And then there's her relationship with him. It's ADORATION. Complete steadfast love. And it's mutual of course. I catch him holding he and whispering things in her ear to make her laugh. Or asking her to walk with him to the mailbox. He loves being with her. 
She says a handful of funny words, positioned in very funny parts of the sentence EVERYDAY, or used in a funny way....ALL day long. Bathing suit is one of them. She doesn't care the color. She doesn't care the size. As long as she can get it on, it's the best thing she's ever put on. She sleeps in a bathing suit. She's nuts for bathing suits. Even asks to put on a 'swimmy' diaper as opposed to a regular one. That's where I draw the line. :) 
Of course, she doesn't say bathing suit. She says, 'babing soup.'

Evelyn has spoiled the baby. She continues to make everyone nervous, but me, as she totes her around like a doll. My sister is here this week. I think as Evelyn goes walking by holding the baby, she just may have covered her eyes. It's too much for her. But not me and Ev. I love her love, for the baby. And she does SUCH a good job of being a little Mama. I nurse her and hand her to Evie.  And she burps her. I don't even have to say a word, she knows just what to do. I am not asking for her help, she's literally there just waiting for the opportunity to hold her. It's amazing.

It was 2 (ish) weeks ago, I held her in my arms. The baby. I knew she felt warm. For some reason I dismissed it for an hour or so. We were at friends house. All the girls were swimming, playing, swinging, having a ball. And I just kept having a nagging feeling that something wasn't right. Finally I checked her temperature. She had a temperature of 100.7. Temperatures in newborn are scary if it's over 100.

I go immediately to see the doctor. I'm literally standing in the office within 25 minutes. He is serious. He sends me to the hospital for bloodwork and tests. They don't mess around with temperatures in infants. And I, the non-worrier, was a taddy bit worried. So it's early on a Friday night and surprisingly, things were quiet. So we waited. The nurse called us back. Now they have to extract blood rom my tiny newborns veins, oh gosh. Where's Brian? I need to gooo. I'm afraid, I'm not so good in medical situations. The nurse was a cutie. She pushed on the vein with her finger many times before pulling out the needle. 

Oh no. She wants me to hold the baby's arm down. help...

I do. Only to get it over with sooner.

The baby is crying. I am not breathing. 

She sticks the needle in my tiny baby's arm. I am holding her arm, so I need to be aware of what's happening. So, I watch. The nurse digs the needle in one direction then kind of backs it up and tries again. I don't want to think about the face I was making as this was going on. I was horrified. 

Of course, the Baby is still crying. 

All of a sudden the rich red blood is flowing through the tubing. I feel so relieved. It's then and only then I began to breath again. The nurse begins to say 'Thank you Jesus. Thank you Jesus.' 

And I join in. 'Thank you Jesus. Thank you Jesus.' And we praised the Lord right there in that tiny little room together. Two strangers with one common thread. A deep trust in the Lord Jesus Christ in the big, and little things. The needle was still sticking in her arm. The blood was still filling the viles. I'm not exactly sure I know why she is so relieved. Whether it's because the baby was so small. Or that her veins are like mine, small and rolling, or what. But she did it. And she gave God the glory. And so do I. 

I told her I love Jesus too. Before I left that night, I asked her if she would pray with me. If she would pray that all the blood tests would come back negative. And that the baby would be ok. She shut the door to that little room and she and I bowed our heads and prayed it up. She was 'uh-huh' n all my prayers and I was 'amen' n hers. I love her with all my heart. I know that God had gone before me and put in my path that lady to calm my nerves and fears and I praise God for know that I needed someone like her for those hours. 

And as it turns out, our humble scared prayers in that tiny room at the hospital were answered. The fever was probably a virus that passed through her body and was gone in three days. All glory and honor to God. 

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Anita said...

Beautiful family!! Beautiful pictures!

Love Being A Nonny said...

Praising God with you for nothing more serious. And the two year old...love that age!

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Steve Hodge said...

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