Monday, July 16, 2007

The Layman's roadtrip stopped in Florence for the night

I love these friends!
They are from Clearwater, Florida.
Bill and Brian attended the Citadel together. Andrea and I attended the College of Charleston together. 14 years later, still friends and our children are sharing THEIR lives together. It felt sureal.
Bill, Andrea
Ayers (3 1/2) and Julia (11) Carlisle loved meeting Julia, they hit it off right away. Carlisle sat in her lap, and ate up every bit of her attention.
Ayers is ALL BOY. Fishing....
Scooting... Little-sweaty-happy-speedy guy made quick friends with our big pal Beau-Beau.
They all wore each other out.
A quick break...
I REALLY loved meeting Julia for the first time. She is the coolest 11 year old. (Ayers, GREAT job on the photography! Andrea, Can you believe this is the shot he took?)
Off they go, more towns to drop in and more friends to see.
Thank you SO much for making our family a stop on your trip. I adore each of you.


Julie and Luke said...

Chello, it's been four days.....chello? You are no longer the best blogger we know. You need to go to blog rehab. Uncle Luke.

Julie and Luke said...

Also, please notice the name of your blog....and post accordingly....WE WANT MORE CARLIZLE.

Julie and Luke said...

Notice the way he spelled Carlizle...I think he is hoping for pictures of a Carlizle chizzle!