Saturday, September 29, 2007

Billboards and Magazines!

Remember this?
Carlisle the baby model!
To see more of her modeling pictures:

With all the excitement surrounding Evelyn's arrival...
I am totally late in posting our little ones spread in SHE Magazine and on a billboard!

The billboard on Hoffmeyer Rd...right next to Young's.

How cute are her turned under toes!?!
And, here is the SHE magazine spread. It is in THIS Month's magazine. Pick one up!

Just in case you couldn't see the photo it is up close.


Julie and Luke said...

I love her.

charlie&gracie said...

wow! Carlisle is a celebrity!! How cute!

Chris and Anna said...

Ahh...I love it! Great first gig...What a Q-T-Pie! Chris always says that Ava loves her public. Looks like Carlisle does too! Your family is beautiful! Thank Heaven for little girls.

charlie&gracie said...

How cute is she!! What a love bug!

So here's a funny story relating to your sweet girl. We bought a Baby Alive doll for a birthday party this weekend. Charlie preceeded to name the doll baby carlisle and called her that until it was time to give her to the birthday girl! How funny is that! He met carlisle all of five minutes at COTA, but he knows her from your blog!!