Thursday, September 27, 2007

To the Doctor for checkups!

Wednesday morning - 9:15am appointment
TWO girls to the Doctor
We arrived more like 9:40am.
Which (for those of you who know Brian)
was a HUGE deal. We were totally late.
When we walked in, the Doctor happened to be walking by the door and said,
"Hi y'all! We've got Room 5 waiting for you".
We strolled into Room 5 and were seen right away.
Breeze....minus the two squirming munchkins!


8 lbs. 2 oz

(She gained a POUND and a HALF in 12 days! )

21 1/2 inches


27 lbs. 4 oz!

33 1/2 inches Done! She was sweet and glad that her first doctors appointment was over!Big Sis checks that all the straps are snug enough.I love these girls!After, we stopped at the grocery....this is my dreamy new life!


amyop said...

The cutest girl munchkins alive!

Andy said...

I LOOOVE the visits to the doctor.

Those always produce lots of great pix & usually lots of laughs.

Glad to see that little Evelyn is growing nice & fast. (That is pretty good weight she gained in a short period. Healthy!)

Thanks for the pix & updates. Love being able to keep up with the girls "long distance".