Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Carlisle's Pa-Pa came for a visit!

Brian is such a great photographer. And like a paparazzi, he captured these fun Granddaddy and baby girl fun on the deck pictures. She was showing her Grandfather her new Car!

The door to the deck was flung open wide, Carlisle was darting around loving all the attention.
After a couple hours of fun, she went to Brian and said "Cracker".
He got her one cracker, because we were about to eat dinner.
He handed it to her. She looked very quisically at him and said "One".
He told her that was right, "You have one cracker".
She said "One" again.
So finally he got her drift. She wanted one MORE.
He soon found out.
She had one cracker in one hand and one cracker in the other hand.
She walked straight out onto the deck where her Granddaddy was sitting, climbed into his lap, handed one cracker to him and ate the other.

After their snack together, she was exhausted and layed her sweet head against his chest and said, "Sleepy".

True Love.


Eric & Stephanie said...

That cracker story made me want to cry! She's so SWEET!!!

Eric & Stephanie said...

I am posting another comment in hopes that KiKi reads it...KiKi, please invite me to your Blog!!! I can't view it =(

Courtney said...

way to go...what a great story and your words completely captured it to the fullest! you guys are raising her to be such a sweet, sweet girl...evelyn is going to be so blessed, as well!

Lea Nicole said...

The new baby is soo pretty! I can't wait to see her in person! I know she's going to be a bundle of joy! Congrats =)