Monday, September 03, 2007

Nothin could be finer than to be in Carolina...

When your waiting for a baby to come, Labor Day weekend is the best weekend ever...almost like Christmas with friends and family coming to visit, except the weather was way better. Cool breezy days and nights, we LIVED on the deck this weekend. Julie, Mom and one of Julie's sweet friends came to Florence Saturday afternoon for a little Carlisle lovin'.
Unbeknownst to us, Carlisle decided that was the afternoon she'd take a 4 1/2 hour Aunt Ju-Ju went to check on her to see if she had finally woken up and in the dimly lit room, Julie leaned over her crib and Carlisle blinked up at her and said "Ju-Ju"....pronounced by Carlisle as "Do-Do".
Everyone has been harrasing me for more tummy shots.
Jennie (left) 38 weeks ---Julie (right) 24 weeks!
Yes, she showed up and we were wearing the exact same non-maternity shirt! I love you Mom!
Can't wait for you to come and be with me for a week when the baby comes!

Also on Saturday, the newly named Uncle "Ikky" brought Aunt YaYa and that huge little stinker Myers to stay with us for the night. Look at this little boy!!! He is SO incredibly sweet, even tempered and genuinely terrific to be around. I fell in love this weekend.

After her Lonnnnnng nap, she awoke to family being here!

I think this is so funny!
Not cute, just funny!
3 Generations!
She walked them to the street when they left shouting "Bye-Bye!....Bye-Bye!!" over and over, Julie told me later it made tears come to her eyes, she loves this girl.
Hanging out with her baby cousin who is enormous and a complete

Sunday, somemore tiny friends stopped by.
Emma (3 months) Myers (5 months) Carlisle (19 months)
Yes, Emma is asleep in the middle of all this!
She loves her cousin Myers

I love you Steph!

This was candids of Carlisle hugging her Aunt Ya Ya bye!

Thank you so so so much for coming Horecky's.
We had the best time with y'all ever.
And, we adore each of you!


Andrea said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE y'all's belly shots!!!

Stephanie said...

Love your bellies. Brian's sister looks so pretty.

jorge and libba said...

Jennie, your camera is so great! I have been thinking about it since Saturday. More importantly, your CARLISLE is AMAZING!! I loved watching her & can't believe how happy, social and quick-to-warm-up-to-strangers she is. It was so fun to see you all - thanks for letting me pop in with JuJu & MeMe!

amyop said...

I can't believe that you are 38 weeks how exciting! Little Evelyn will be here soon! Yea!!!