Monday, April 28, 2008

Carlisle and the new REEL

So, Carlisle is on her THIRD fishing ROD, which pro-fishermen, like Brian, call a fishing REEL. Forgot to ask him why, but anyway. The first was pink-Barbie-fabulous. The second, I'm not sure I ever even saw. Why? Because she and Brian go fishing and she throws it in the LAKE! So, now she is on her third one.

Brian is not sure why Carlisle throws them...

Maybe because her father gets a chuckle out of it
Maybe seeing IF a fishing reel floats is really fun
Maybe she secretly hates fishing

The Daddy Threw It In Story
She recently threw in the second fishing reel. Brian said, "Carlisle! You just threw your reel in the water. Oh no!" (Or something like that. But as I am re-reading that, it sounds really cheezy, which Brian is not. Basically, he asked her why she threw it in.) She then looks him and dead pan says, "Daddy, you threw my reel in the bottom of the lake!" To which he replies, "No YOU threw your reel in the bottom of the lake." She LOVES to recount and retell the story. Please ask her about it next time you see her.

So here she is with the "new" reel Brian bought her. Fishing. In the house. In her favorite jammie-jams. In her reflective sunglasses. Brian is so fun. He tied "Ninee" to the end of it and they fished for Ninee...and Mickey Mouse for hours.


Justin and Marketa said...

I can't believe how tall she looks in the pictures. Pretty soon she will be taller than me. :) But that wouldn't take much.

Eric & Stephanie said...

It is actually called a rod & reel because there is a reel (which holds the line) attached to the rod. Tell Brian he needs to explain these things to you =)

charlie&gracie said...

that is so funny ! I literally was laughing out loud as I read it!! is this what I have to look forward to now that we have a girly girl?!

Tallon said...

too cute and too funny!!

Stephanie said...

fun story! She looks really cute.