Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Fountain Girl and Gospel Girl.

For those of you that have been asking for more videos of our girls, here's one of each babe!

Carlisle and Brian at Disney.

This video of Evelyn is so funny.

(Mom, sorry her hair looks so nuts. She just woke up from a nap. No bow.)

Brian, Carlisle and I are laughing, dancing, singing and cooking dinner together. Brian quietly says to me, Look at sweet Evie. I look over, she is j-j-j-jammin to some Kirk Franklin and some outstanding gospel music.

(Listen to the words, I love this song!)

Keep in mind Evie has been throwing up for days, and totally had been feeling crummy. I put the video on her and we keep dancing. When the screen jiggles it is because Brian and I are cold bustin out the 1980's wild moves.

Kind of wish we had that on this video too.

Please laugh while you watch Evie get her little-baby-praise-on.


Julie and Luke said...

That makes me so happy I could bust! She has got some good moves! I am smiling so big it hurts! :-)

Courtney said...

Ok, that is about as cute as it gets. Her little way of participating in the Edwards familiy madness!!

Brandi said...

I LUUUUUV IT!!!! You guys are so cute! I tryed not to laph but just couldn't help it. Thanks for the joy.

Jenni said...

She has some awesome moves! What a sweetheart!!! Love your blog! God Bless you and your family!!!

Stephanie said...

She is going to have moves like her mommy!
Too cute. It totally made me smile.