Thursday, July 31, 2008

What do yoga, iceskating and bowling have to do with each other?

I am occasionally using a new little pocket Casio. I throw it in my purse/pocket. I love that!
The pictures are a little fuzzy, but fun!

TOP 7 Reasons....
Why this weeks DATE NIGHT was the best!
1. It was just Me, Bri and the crazy-old bowling alley.
2. The shoes matched my top.
3. Because Brian and I look equally goofy when we bowl!

4. I promise this is real.

Can you BELIEVE this position? Is it yoga? Is it ice skating?

No, it's me BOWLING! 5. Because I didn't lose so badly!!6. Because we both got strikes!

Which means I actually did my yoga pose/iceskating bowling manuver and knocked all the pins down!

Laugh, but I did!
7. It was good fun and great laughs with my best friend.

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Chris, Anna & Ava said...

I love all the pictures! Disney looks like a blast and who doesn't love a good date night!!!!!! It is great to see your family is doing so well! We love you guys!