Tuesday, August 05, 2008

What you didn't know about our 2 year old...

Carlisle LOVES Tractors.

Doesn't your daughter?

This is the family trip this week to see THE tractor.

Evie is hilariously, and perilessly crawling around the wagon.

Waiting on Daddy...

Conveniently, this tractor is currently in our neighborhood while houses are being constructed.

We can walk to this tractor anytime to enjoy it's...um.....steering wheel, big digging parts, and oh and the huge mound of dirt right beside it.

Mommies of boys, y'all are amazing.

Look how pink, and tiny she looks.

Great idea Daddy!


According to Kiki! said...

Little Evelyn cracks me up! She is very busy in that wagon! Ha Ha!

Dr. L said...

I'm glad Carlisle likes tractors too (they were Maleah's fav at the fair last year). How fun to have one right down the street!

Tallon said...

FUN!! I soo need to let you "borrow" Tallon for a day. Girls are fun, but Boys are fun also ( in their own unique way).

seriously, we DEFINITELY want to come check out the tractor. Tallon would LOVE having his picture made with it!

Stephanie said...

that's not a tractor. It's a wow-wow.

sage said...

i so love this post. it made me smile. also you did in your back flip and your little one's no fear attempt to back flip. smile. :)