Friday, September 12, 2008


The day our sweet Evelyn came into the world. We couldn't have been more excited.
(even though it was like 6:00 in the morning)
Julie and my nurse were DANCING while I was in labor. The excited Grandmothers anticipating the very seconds before Evelyn came into the world!EVELYN ANNETTE EDWARDSWhen Evelyn emerged, the doctor motioned for Brian to come closer.
He stuck his index finger through a knot in the umbilical cord that connected Evelyn and I.
He explained that it was a matter of time before this knot would have cut off the supply of blood and nutrients to her and would have been fatal.
We thank the Lord for giving us this precious angel.

Then Carlisle met her sister for the first time.


Jason, Jessica, and Isabella said...

Your posts are always so sweet and have often brought tears to my eyes--today was no exception!! Praising the Lord for all of our sweet babies, they are ALL miracles! Celebrating your sweet baby with you today!

Stephanie & Eric Horecky said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Evie!!!! Can't wait to see you tomorrow =)

Emily and Ryan said...

Happy Birthday Evelyn. Happy Birthday to you too Jennie!!

Dr. L said...

Happy Birthday Evelyn!

Jord, Ali, Halle and Belle said...

Most importanlty Happy Birthday little Evelyn! Can't wait to see party pictures! a pregnant person on baby #2 (7 years after the first)I love and adore your hospital pictures and it also makes me want to buy a girdle and run a marathon daily so that my stomach can't grow any bigger!!! I am pretty sure I look like that right now and that was your delivery day!!!! You look amazing and wonderful and even more gorgeous after Evelyn was born! I am putting Jordan on strick lock down that he can't look at your post!! :-)

Heidi said...

Happy Birthday Evie!