Thursday, October 23, 2008

The baby's first haircut!

Wet, long, a bit scraggly. . . in a sweet way.THE 'COME-BACK-HERE-I'M-NOT-DONE-CUTTING' SHOT
Brian put up with holding her and my "turn her this way",
and my "would you have her look up please"
shinnanagans, for 2 (maybe 3) minutes.
Then I was chasing her . . . shears in hand.
She's quick.
I love that this picture is kind of smeary.
Little lighting baby!AND
THE AFTER SHOTS! (Julie, I did it like the pros, pulling it up, etc.)

And just for a chuckle,
I HAD to include . . .
T H E B I G, F U N B A B Y B E L L Y S H O T! :)
Can you believe this?

I am going to delete it, now that I have posted it for ALL TO SEE!


Stephanie and Eric Horecky said...

Did I miss the post that announced that my baby was WALKING???

gillian said...

you did a great job! if times get tough you could get a second job as a hairstylist! i'll bring Owen over next time we're at my moms. (she lives the next street over from you)

Megan's Munchkins said...

I love fresh baby hair cuts, nice job....My daughter (turning 3 in Jan) REFUSES to sit still for hair cuts, so her's result in uneven-jagged-nastyness. Were leaving it long for now, praying that when she turns 3 she magically will be better. Ha.

taiterg said...

please leave the belly pic up ;-)
and would you like to be the one who cuts my hair in 3 weeks?

charlie&gracie said...

wow! i can't believe how LONG her hair is... we keep cutting the back of gracie's hoping it will look fuller and start taking the shape of a bob, but she still has so little hair!