Monday, January 26, 2009

If you need a Valentines Gift Idea!

I have come up with the BEST gift idea for Brian for Valentines! Since he will see this, and I want to surprise him, I'm not going to put what it is. BUT, it's wonderful. Creative, personalized, great for Valentines, great for families, great for husbands. Email me if you are in need of a good gift idea. I'll share my secret with you!
Less than $100 and a keepsake.
So pumped up! :)

(And no, it's not a stuffed fish, (we already have those), this picture is just to throw Brian off!)


Jones Family said...

Love your "and no it's not a stuffed fish" hahaha!! love it!

Jennie said...

Girl! You have a blog! I am so excited!

Chris, Anna and Ava said... me the idea when you get a chance. That sounds like something I need to hear about! I love all the newest post. You provide the best entertainment there is around! Not just full of great tips for...the overwhelmed mom...the spiritual woman...the girly girl...but ideas...YOU SHOULD BE PAID! I LOVE IT!!!! XOXO to you and the family!