Saturday, January 24, 2009

Once in a blue moon, we get SNOW (Part 2 - Brian the artist)

During the girls naptime, Brian builds a snowman.
Yes, those are Mr. Potato Head pieces. Should have also taken a picture of the overly proud artist.
Our big ol labrador thought the snow was God's gift to him.
Brian, always the serious dude, threw a snowball trying to smash him in the face.
Beau Beau caught it, as if it were a tennis ball, and happily ran off, chomping it up.
Oh, and all the fun snow is gone. Pooh.

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The Ginfridas said...

I love it! The Mr. Potatohead pieces make it a masterpiece. Our boxer had her first experience with snow that day, and when I threw a snowball at her, she looked at me like "why did you just do that?" But she did start enjoying it. (Check out our blog.)