Thursday, January 22, 2009

Once in a blue moon, we get SNOW!

I have been a lame blogger. Last week was a HARD week. Carlisle is less than 2 weeks away from THREE years old. Magically God flipped a switch in her. She is the "I can do it". "Let me do it". "No, I'll do it" girl. All of which is great. But, she gets a little testy about it. So, it was a hard week. THIS WEEK has been a BREEZE!!! Tuesday Brian was home most of the day and we enjoyed the SNOW! We had date night Wednesday night. And today he is here all day!
The big kid, aka Brian, runs upstairs, wakes up Carlisle, slaps a coat and boots on her, and dashes into the 28 degree weather. Carlisle's first snow EVER.
In these pictures, Carlisle has been awake MAYBE 12 seconds.Of course, pure delight But, it's cold.

Kristen, I don't think we even OWN gloves for our children, can you believe that?
(Kristen lives in Chicago and bundles her children up EVERYDAY)

Then we scooted off to Storytime at the library. We do it every Tuesday morning. So, we drove through the snow to get there. Yes, Carlisle, Evelyn and Olivia were the only ones there.
It was the BEST storytime.
We danced and sang at the top of our lungs.

Look at my baby.

Then to the front of the library to play with their best friend in the snow!

Look at these faces! Southern girls have a HARD time in the cold. Sweet Evelyn was frozen solid. She CRIED when we got in the car. Her pants were soaked. I felt so bad. I took them to Krispy Kreme to make it up to them. We watched millions of donuts coming down the conveur belt. Evelyn, Carlisle and I each picked the same one. Chocolate with pink sprinkles on top. mmmm.
Simply. Unbeatable.


gillian said...

LOVE the sleepy picture of Carlisle in the snow!

ktalk said...

Cute pics! Your right about the southern girl thang....Eve only lasted 10 minutes outside that day. My boys on the other hand: practically camped outside ALL DAY LONG! Every now and then they'd come in for dry clothes and HOT CHOCOLATE- yummy! Playdate?

McQueens said...

My girls didn't care for the cold snow for very long either....hope we never get transferred to someplace up North. Great pictures