Monday, March 30, 2009


All the doors on the back of the house are flung open. The breeze is so nice. Maybe it's a tiny bit cool, but still, I'm loving it. Spring weather is right around the corner for good. And, I am trying to go through everyones clothes and get rid of all the excess. Tricky though, because the girls are still needing a jacket when they play outside, so I can't pack it all away YET. But soon. So I have unmarked piles of clothes everywhere. Even for Brian and me. Piles to put away til next year, piles to give away, a suit for that cute lady at the dry cleaner and a pair of pants for Julie, since her belly is getting bigger. (19 wks!) **If you know of someone that needs clothes that is my size, Brian's size or has girls, please let me know. Brian and my little honeymoon weekend was refreshing. We stayed in a little bed and breakfast at Waterfront Park and ate like rockstars. I know that I seriously gained a few pounds chowing down with my guy. Both nights, after massive dinners, I insisted that we go over to the sweets shop for a praline. If you don't know what I am talking about, go to Charleston immediately and get a praline. You will freak. We took a cab, which I have never done in Charleston, but it was pouring raining. The cabbie chuckled when, as we are stepping into the cab dodging the rain, I said, "sweets shop first, then back to Vendue Inn." Because we met in Charleston, dated in Charleston, fell in love in Charleston and were engaged at the Battery in Charleston. Being there...just always so intoxicatingly...LOVING. It's like how certain smells, sounds take you back to "that place" from your past. That's how it is for us and Charleston. Being there makes us feel 20 again. Roaming the streets hand in hand. We didn't tell any of our friends we would be there (sorry :) ), and we fell in step with all of the laid back charm of the city, a carriage ride, shopping, the market...the whole bit. I love you Brian. Thank you for treating me to such a sweet weekend. Oh, and for letting me sleep-in two mornings in a row. Oh, and for bring me coffee to bed each morning. Oh, and for being so patient while I shopped and tried on clothes. Oh, and for the evening pitstops to the sweets shop. Oh, and for going on another carriage ride. You are so selfless. I want Carlisle and Evelyn to be just like you.
My precious friend just got these and shared them with me.
Carlisle and I are memorizing them.
Awesome for working on the alphabet while using words.
And even better than that....
They are the Attributes of God.
A - Almighty
B - Beautiful
C - Creator
D - Defender
E - Everlasting
F - Friend
G - Gracious
H - Holy
I - Incredible
J - Jesus
K - Kind
L - Loving
M - Magnificent
N - Never-ending
O - Omniscient
P - Powerful
Q - Quiets
R - Righteous
S - Savior
T - Truth
U - Unchanging
V - Victorious
W - Wonderful
X - eXalted
Y - Yahweh
Z - Zealous


gillian said...

love the picture of the bikes! you should send it to the Vendue Inn, they could so use it for an ad!!! I think Paul might need to sit under the teaching of Brian ;) he is so sweet to you!!!!

Erica Brandon said...

I LOVE Charleston, so glad yall had a good time.