Tuesday, July 14, 2009

An almost pictureless post about love?

So there are a few thousand results of being an aerobics instructor. Most excellent, some good, a few bad. One fluke about being an instructor, is that when you go to the gym, you basically emotionally and physically have to be checked in. And of course, I actually do clock-in. I have to be on time (which is SO hard for me) whether I have babies with me and am checking them in, or it's just me and Brian. I have to have my head in the game. No matter what happened earlier in the day. I have anywhere from 35 to 80+ people, depending on the time of day, waiting to get a hot and steamy (and fun!) workout.

And the way God wired me: Extroverted, fired-up-able, exciteable --it works. I always leave feeling even better than when I arrived and way sweatier.

But there are a few times each month when Brian is home early, or I stay after my class...and I get to be a participant.

Not teach the class.

TAKE the class.

It is seriously like the best thing EVER, since I have taught for over 8 years.

It makes me so happy to take class, I am like a cheeseball.

I become a recluse, not talking much. Just sweating...thinking about my own workout...

Not thinking about my typical stuff:

'Is the music too loud?'
'It's really hot in here tonight.'
'Why isn't the fan working?'
'Did she just roll her eyes at me...again?!?!'
'I need to remember to play that song.'
'Her haircut is soooo cute.'
'Oh shoot, I was supposed to call her back!'
'Wonder if I could turn the music up...just a little more.'
'That was a great pushup!'
'I love that woman on the back row.'
'My shoe is untied.'

And that's not to mention what I am actually saying in the microphone!

I'm laughing as I'm typing, because the only people that can relate are other aerobics instructors!

I'm reading the book, Feminine Appeal. Excellent. Scoot out and buy it. Seriously. I am thinking about using it as the next biblestudy I do with my Sunday night girls. Or maybe my other favorite from earlier in the year, Crazy Love.

The Feminine Appeal book is a study of Titus 2 and the 7 things listed below.

'Old women are to teach what is good, and so train the young women to love their husbands and children, to be self-controlled, pure, working at home, kind and be subject to their own husbands...' Titus 2:4-5

Chapter 2 loving your husband. That's easy for me. I adore him. I told the biblestudy, I want to unzip him climb inside and zip him back up around me. But here's what I learned about 'loving my husband'.

The form of the greek word for love used in the Titus 2 verse is phileo. This word describes the love between very close friends. It is a tender, affectionate, passionate type of love. It emphasizes enjoyment and respect in a relationship.

Interesting that Paul the writer of Titus chose phileo love instead of agape to describe the type of love that we are to have for our husbands.

'The greek word agape refers to self-sacrificing love. It's a love that gives to others even if nothing is given back.'

But, it's not the type of love we are supposed to cultivate with our husbands. Why? Because most women don't have a hard time with self-sacrificing love. It's the way we are made. We do gobs of laundry, clean the house, make babies in our tummies, pick up shoes, wipe noses, make lunches, pick up dry cleaning, change diapers, make dinner, etc. Women are GOOD at this type of love. I see Mom's and wives all day everyday who are naturals at this. Mothers are ALL self-giving, self-sacrificing, self-everything!
It is the tender, compassionate, affectionate love that God asks us to be sure to give our husbands. WOW. My big, tall, toughy of a Jiu Jitsu Manly Man needs tenderness and compassion? Absolutely.

The book even talks about women who continue to sacrifice and love their husbands while believing the whole time that he is a complete jerk. Women must be really good at this type of love.

So, the challenge?

Loving our husbands in a passionate, tender, affection and wonderful way. (Even if they are Jiu Jitsu super-stars!) It's what God commands us to.
The other thing I LOVED from this chapter that you have to read. Elisabeth Elliot's quote:
'A wife, if she is very generous, may allow that her husband lives up to perhaps eighty percent of her expectations. There is always the other twenty percent that she would like to change, and she may chip away at it for the whole of their married life without reducing it by very much. She may, on the other hand, simply decide to enjoy the eight percent, and both of them will be happy.
Last thing, 'we can admire our husbands actively by prizing them, cherishing them, and enjoying them.'
Thank you that God gives us grace to cultivate phileo love! (Go buy this book! You'll love it and your husband will love it even more!)


gillian said...

JENNIE!!! I LOVE THIS POST!!! I love how you described how much you adore Brian, that you want to unzip him climb inside and zip him back up around you (i hope he reads your blog!) and if you do a study on this book or crazy love I WANT TO JOIN THE GROUP! i'm going to order this book from amazon today and i have crazy love (AWESOME) already! I meant to ask you last week how the study was going!

Rejoicing in Him!

gillian said...

oh and that picture of Carlisle is TOO CUTE!

Meredith said...

Jennie, I wanted to say that I am still really enjoying your blog. It is very encouraging! I also wanted to see if you had heard of the girltalk blog (girltalk.blogs.com)? It is the blog that Carolyn Mehaney and her daughters write. I think if you like Feminine Appeal that you would like that blog, too. The Lord has used it to encourage and convict me many times. Anyway, you may have heard of it, but just in case you haven't I thought I would share that. Your family is so cute!:)

rheba James said...

Jennie, I wish you would move to Charlotte so I could breath in some of you and Julie simultaneously. I need more friends like you.

Brandi said...

Good stuff lady bug. I love the first part, sooo true, when you teach you are so thankful other instructors, even though you hardly ever get to take their class. Second half, absolutely wonderful. I just finished Blue like Jazz, you’d like it also, and need another book. I’ll look into your suggestion.
P.S. I LOVE how you love Brian. Fills my heart with such joy. I just love it.