Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Thankful to be 39 1/2 weeks...

The shirt Carlisle is wearing is a hand-me-down. It is SO cute.
Should have gotten a close up picture so you can see the ruffles galore.
Made by a groovy company called BeetleJuice.And of course, tu-tu baby. I was just commenting to a friend yesterday.
I am so glad that she still let's me dress her. She loves wearing what I pick out.
Tu-tu's on a Wednesday or rain boots on a sunny day. She's happy and giggly about it all.

I miss that with Carlisle. But applaud Carlisle's awesome since of style and the ability to pull off some of the coolest outfits.Going to the doctor today for a checkup. 39 1/2 weeks.
Today seems like a mile marker in this pregnancy to me - for starters, 'the end' is always a nice place to be... besides the crazy dreams, 155 trips to the bathroom and occasional restless night.
It's the end stretch. The last part. I can see the finish line at the end of the marathon. But it is also a mile marker because I have never carried a baby this far. Never been this pregnant.
And, I am thinking often what it will be like to add a newborn baby to the mix that surrounds me each day. I think it will be excitingly, challenging. Sometimes overwhelming to think about, and that's why God gives Grace when Grace is needed and right now I've got Grace for today, and so I am readying ME.

I feel SO comfortable. I feel patient. I am feel GREAT. Unbelieveable...but true.

God has been faithful, and I feel very, very blessed to have come this far carrying this little GIRL.
Meeting her will send me over the moon.

It feels like having the first one, all over again.

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Julie and Luke said...

CAN'T WAIT to meet her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!