Sunday, May 23, 2010

She's still our little girl

Carlisle, the ballerina, had her end of the year recital.
All FOUR of her Grandparents came to watch.
Brian, the great, somehow scored with 2nd row seats. The whole place was packed and we rolled in on the 2nd row. Still not sure how he worked that out, but I didn't ask. I just dug our rockstar seats.
I had my big, juicy camera in my lap and didn't snap a picture. I simply drank it all in.
Like a cup of steaming coffee.
The lights, the music, their tiny tutus, the sound of their tap shoes, her sweet face.
She's four now.
She makes pancakes all by herself (minus the pouring the batter into the pan), she gets dressed all by herself, she reminds me everyday that she is, in fact, 'a big girl'.
So to see her up there, looking so very, very small was a relief. Brian said it best when he saw the show.
He said the perspective of seeing her from a far gave him relief....she is still a little girl.


The Hawkinson Gang said...

Beautiful pictures! I enjoyed Brian's comment b/c that was almost my exact thought about watching Annelise this year. (And she is almost 9.)

Anonymous said...

Carlisle is so precious! I love her costume. I miss her and hope to see you guys soon! Jessica