Monday, June 14, 2010

My first BIG deal

It's the real deal. And it's a big deal.
You may remember that I did engagement pictures for my friends.
They loved how the pictures turned out.
So after talking about it with her Mom and fiance, the bride decided that she wanted me to photograph her wedding.
I said 'No'.
She waited a few weeks and asked me again,
and again I said...'No'.
Tooooooo nervious. I got an instant stomach ache every time she asked me.
That's reason enough to say no....right?
She asked me a third time.
I talked it over with Brian and a close friend, prayed and slept on it for a night.
I said yes. And then almost threw up in the bathroom.
If you know me, you know this is nervious-oh-my-gosh-it's-here- wedding photographer face... Before you go any further, I have to highlight a couple of my favorite moments:
-Photographing the groomsmen in the cow pasture, while precariously stepping over enormous piles of poopie.
-watching my sweet friend turn into the most beautiful, sweet, blushing, youthful, quintessential bride.
-the love note that the groom wrote to the bride brought her to tears. She adores him and seeing her read his love note to her was incredible.
-the bride and her Daddy were standing on the ramp leading to the outdoor ceremony. She looked expectant...and He brought tears to my eyes because he looked the way my own sweet Brian will probably look when he walks his daughter down the aisle. FULL of emotion.


gillian said...

Jennie, the pictures are great!!!

The Ginfridas said...

Beautiful pictures, Jennie. You really have the gift.

jord,ali,hal,kam and grae too! said...

Those are honestly gorgeous! You have yet another talent!! I am in love with the photo from behind walking down the isle with the tree....that is amazing. I think you just started a new "home" business!!! Wanna come to Illinois October 9th?? :)

The Hawkinson Gang said...


Justin and Marketa said...

Very nice!! So when is your next gig???

Sage Andrews said...

Jennie - those pictures are gorgeous. I am really impressed with your eye and your camera. Great work. That wedding was beautiful :)

amyop said...

What a great job! What a sweet couple! I loved the picture of her reading the note. How priceless!

christina said...

Great job! I know they are happy with these memories!

Taylor and Turner Slade said...

You are so , so talented! I love it--keep spreading your name beacuse you'll make many more brides VERY, VERY happy!!!