Monday, January 02, 2012

I suppose the countdown to baby has begun.

Today has been an aerobic marathon. I taught a Kickboxing class, a Zumba class and a kids Kickboxing class, this morning. Straight. 9:30-12:00. Tonight? Another Kickboxing class. I'll probably fall into bed at 8:01.    

Christmas Day. We watched not one, not two, but THREE kids movies. It was a ridiculous movie marathon. Most of us were wearing our jammies. And wait. Before you judge us too harshly, we never watch TV. And we watch maybe one movie per week. So it was an obscene treat. 

(Brian and Viv's impersonation of the opening scene of the Lion King. 
You know the part. Where the Daddy Lion holds the baby Lion up on the big rock.)
The next morning, we slept in...all of us, until 8:51am. The reason I know, is because I took a double, triple, then quadruple take at the clock. Couldn't believe it. They usually are up hours before then.
But then of course, and unfortunately, reality hit. The reality of laundry, dishes, etc that I hadn't done on Christmas kicked in full force. And Mom and I spent the rest of the day knocking out at least 15 loads. I was still playing catchup from before our NY trip.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

They ask everyday....
'Is the baby coming out today?
'Aw...No sugar.' 
'Well. Is it tomorrow?'
'No, I'm sorry baby...we have many weeks to go.' 
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
'Do we get to meet the new baby this week?'
'No, we still have a while. 12 weeks or so.'

I might as well of answered by saying it's 65,000 hours or something crazy. Children don't possibly have any concept of 13 weeks. And really, I don't either.

Along came a fun idea. 
I enlisted the girls to help make it. It's super easy. Works like a champ.

The Countdown-to-Baby Chain is up and rolling. Every week a different color. Each link represents one day. And everyday they take turns cutting one link off. I like watching the days tick off. And the girls love cutting it off. 

Evelyn says funny stuff every single solitary day of her life. 

Most recently, I overheard a conversation between she and Carlisle.
Carlisle said that she was excited to get older. Thrilled to get married and have babies one day. 
Evelyn scrunched up her nose and said, 'I don't want to get older. And I don't want to have babies. I want to stay little forever.' 
Carlisle said, 'Really?'
Evelyn said, 'Yes, I want to stay little. Forever.'
Carlisle said, 'Well then pray about it.'
I thought their conversation was cute enough, but then... 
I heard Evelyn's little voice, 'Dear God, I pray that you will stay me little forever.'

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And Carlisle is desperately in love with her Daddy. I overheard this at dinner at an italian restaurant when we were in NYC.
'When I look at you, I know that you are the right person to be my Daddy.'
He beamed.

I like the girls bible so much. 
We studied recently about Jesus. I introduced the idea of him being a Servant King. I told them that the people in the time that Jesus lived all wore sandals and would have had very dirty feet. There were animals everywhere, so yuckiness would have been everywhere too. That, in fact, they had stinky feet. And that the disciples had to wash away the dirt, but it was a dreadful job. Who would do it? 
Only the lowliest servant.  

And this is what I found on the back deck that afternoon.

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Coordination Queen said...

How precious are these little girls. This brought tears to my eyes, I love it.