Wednesday, March 14, 2012

THE element of surprise

She is not here yet. And only God knows when she'll arrive. 

I like to think it through, make my own predictions. But honestly. I am an optimist. So my predictions may always be a little short, rather than long. And so....after all that...she, like the others, will arrive when she is good and ready. 

I showed Carlisle a computer generated video of a baby being born the other day. Really great. Nothing too much. Just enough. Age appropriate. She said, 'Cool Mom. But does it hurt?' She has asked me that dozens of times. I have to tell her the truth. But, her being a girl. And 6. I have to say it in a way that she won't be scared off from having children at the ripe old age of 6. So I say. 'It hurts, but it's ok.' And that's where we leave it. 

God knows this baby. He formed her from scratch in my womb. He loves her a billion times more than me. But I love her insanely much. She's all done. Just in the plumping-up stage. Amazing all that has happened in the last 9 months. In my tummy, a whole little person has been made. Meanwhile, I've done 3000, give or take a 1000, loads of laundry, memorized and taught the girls gobs of scripture, begun official year number one of Homeschooling with a bright little kindergartener, taught a zillion aerobics classes, traveled, learned to live without my Dad, led or co-led 3 seperate biblestudies, been thrilled to enjoy two little girls learning to ride bikes without training wheels, watched first teeth lost, gone to Peru, kept it all together at home as Brian has traveled to two foreign countries for weeks at a time, all the while making a baby from scratch in my tummy. 
 (9 months at the Gala)
Also in the last few months, we've celebrated: 
a 1 yr old turning 2
a 3 yr old turning 4 
a 5 yr old turning 6. 

We are officially, as of last month, in our 'Even year'. They are 2, 4, 6. Next year 1, 3, 5, 7. So symmetrical, it makes me feel like having another baby in 2 years....

Saw the doctor last week, he says I could go next appointment Friday morning. 

I am slightly bonkers with the thoughts of smelling her, holding her...and the burrito baby blanket wrap that newborns love.  

In a race, I never win. That's not even on my radar. I just love the sport of it all. I loved being able to complete a half marathon. Just finish. The triathlons, same thing. My gosh. There are people who do it and feel differently. I want to win in certain areas of my life. An athletic event is just not one of them. 

When it comes to a baby, I win. I know the outcome will be AWESOME and that unique and wonderful Baby would be worth it all.

She moves all the time. I love it. It wakes me up alot. I still love it. 
Homestretch. My girls hear me say it so much that they are now saying when people ask. 'Yes, she is in the homestretch.' 

I think the last few week are kind of like the final mile of a race. I think of the races and triathlons I've done and the final mile is the one. The one that is the hardest. But you get a burst of energy. 

It's seemed like the shortest pregnancy. Without question. The toughest in some ways. Being sick with bronchitis rocked me. But it's been gorgeous to watch as the girls have gotten more and more wide-eyed at my always-growing-bigger tummy.

I did aerobics. The whole time. Much of it without too much problem. Jumping jacks and push ups even into the 9th month.  I cut out a few Zumba songs from my list because I'd have 5 or 6 contractions in a short 4 minute song. Too many. Working out is sweaty. Your heart rate up. Everyone is working hard. Already busting my booty doing it pregnant. And being the instructor. Add contractions to all that. And huh-uh. 

Shocker, to me at least. It's WALKING that gives me the greatest, hardest contractions. It's when I am running late and I am basically jogging into the gym for my class.

The Kindergartner, in jammies, doing school with her littlest sister proudly coloring on the other half of her paper.
I have a theory. There are two types of children. Those that stick things in their noses, and those who don't. I fished a wadded up wipey out of Vivian's nose yesterday. Two small nurses helped me. One on each side. And after that, we picnicked in the back yard, fed the ducks and then fell backwards into the grass and pointed out cloud shapes for an hour. I think, quite possibly, that will be something we do in heaven too. 
Years ago, we put Carlisle and Evelyn in the same room. They were overjoyed and stayed up late talking and giggling for weeks.  

This past weekend, we started preparing for Eleanor's arrival. 
We just moved Vivian into the big girl room. We have two twin beds pushed together. It's like having a king size bed. So all three girls could be together. To say that Viv is excited is a SUPREME understatement. She is filled with inexpressible and glorious joy. And she keeps them up way longer than they are used to. 
Contractions were insane today. Not the nonchalant Braxton and Hicks kind. But the, can't really do anything but notice you are having one, type of contraction. She'll be here soon... 

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~Megan~ said...

I CANNOT wait to hold her and see her sweet face! Good luck and prayers your way, Mama!! Love you!