Sunday, March 18, 2012

Green with LOVE

One of the things that strikes me about God's word, the beauty, is that, it is down to earth. It touches us each where we live and walk, where we work and where we are in our lives. The bible is a book that should inspire us to praise Him from our heart. 

But our lives are filled with tragedy, hurt and pain because we live in a fallen world. God's Word cuts through that darkness and despair with the truth of the gospel, reminding us that our approach to God has nothing to do with our attainment; it is based on Christ's atonement alone. 

We are his 'BELOVED' one. This should bring us such freedom, joy and DEEP praise. 

Occasionally, we are in a thirsty season. 

Our mind thirsts, our hearts thirst, our soul thirst or our bodies thirst. 

So what does Jesus say. 'Come to me and remain thirsty? 

He says, come to me and DRINK.

If you are in a dry season, BE refreshed! 

Spring is coming. New birth is here. 

In the gospel of John 7:37, Jesus himself says, 'If anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink. Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within him.' Streams of living water will flow from me! From you!

No matter how difficult your path, how sad your hurt, how far away your loved one, no matter how helpless you feel, Jesus can meet all needs…and more. 

Let the words of Isaiah 43:4 wash over you: 'You are precious and honored in my sight, and I love you.'
There is something so very, very right in preparing for the arrival of a little one. 

EACH little one. 

It doesn't get old. Even after all these pregnancies and births. For us, it actually gets more exciting. Brian and I were whispering our excitement to each other during church this morning. 

We KNOW what a baby brings. And now there are three little girls that can't seem to see straight about how they can't wait to meet their baby either. 

I guess it's like Christmas. When children are involved, it's more fun. There's more excitement. More energy. More enthusiasm. Which builds the love and joy for Brian and me too.
Evelyn says 'I'm gonna just chew her up....I am just gonna eat her Mama.'

I can't help but agree. The smell of a newborn. Makes me want to chew her up too.  

And I cannot wait to sleep on my stomach again. Not sure if I have another anything, that I look forward to, that falls quite as high on my list as that. 

I'm thinking back a lot to the final days before each of our girls were born. And wow, how experience does change you. I seemed to be impatient as the days went on.

Even though all have come before 40 weeks. One at 38 weeks. One at 39 weeks and one at 39 and a few days, I think it was. 

So here we are, still early. Could in fact be another week or even two. 

There is a peace. A quiet. An anticipation. A rush with each passing day. A charge that each contraction gives. Hanging up the little tiny clothes. 

I am still nervous as a cat. Fearful. But praying, with FAITH, that God will allow us to have this little sweet girl. Take her home. That only one daughter will live in heaven and the other 4 will live with us.  

Still in preparation for this little baby to come into our lives I have tried to peter down everything. Live more simply. Say 'no' more and say 'yes' to offers of help. 

And so, life goes on. Brian has been taking one or two girls fishing with him each afternoon. Some of our girls are better 'fisher-girls' than others. Ah-hhhm. Not mentioning who the wild and crazy one is. She knows who she is! :) 
But it is SHE who helps teach him patience when fishing. 
God has blessed us, that the baby is not yet here. It's allowed us a quiet time that we didn't know that we desperately needed. A family retreat, here at home. I am looking for opportunities to cherish each of our girls and cherish Brian and am continuing to ask God for what they each need right now. 

So I am savoring the time. With the girls. With Brian. 

I've enjoyed returning to some loves. Blogging. Taking pictures of my family...being 'normal' - Brian and I joke about what that means...but we think it means resting occasionally...

I asked Brian today, what are you enjoying most during this time? During the waiting. 

He said, us all being together. With no where to be. Together

I told him that it's like we are all in his man room/man cave. Secluded, together. But our whole house is the cave. 

We ventured out of the cave for the St. Patricks Day parade. 

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